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GDA’s Young Drivers for Change brings young disabled people (aged 14+) together to build skills, confidence and peer support and enable young disabled people’s voices to influence change.

We offer free and accessible sessions for young disabled people to come together to build skills, confidence, make friends and have fun.

GDA’s Young Drivers for Change develop their talents and ideas through:

GDA Young Members at one of our Disability Rights Workshops – Easter 2023.

Our Young DFC’s have contributed their time and expertise to speaking out about the barriers young disabled people face and what matters most to them, including through:

Photo from GDA YDP Summer Session, Aug 2022.

If you are interest in getting involved or hearing more about our Young Drivers for Change programme, get in touch at [email protected]

You can find out more about our Easter Holiday Programme (2023) below:

Watch!: Young GDA members share their stories or listen to their podcast: