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Accessing the right Health and Social Care Services can be the difference not just between life and death, but between having a life or ‘just an existence’.

Disabled people, and people with long term conditions, are more likely to rely on a range of Health and Social Care services in order to live our lives, stay well, and enjoy the same rights, freedom and opportunities as non-disabled people. Historically our support needs have led to these services having a huge degree of control over our lives and choices, and the Independent Living Movement was born out of disabled people campaigning tirelessly to shift this power balance, have our voices heard, and our rights to choice and control upheld.

With equal rights to Healthcare and Independent Living enshrined in the UNCRPD, it has never been more important for disabled people’s voices to be at the heart of making these rights a reality.

GDA supports disabled people’s access to Health and Social Care supports, through

GDA members contribute to Health and Social Care Planning:

At the National level, we have worked with: