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Looking for work can be twice as hard if you are disabled or have a health condition. In Glasgow, only 45% of disabled people aged 16-65 are in work, compared to 67% of our non-disabled peers – this is the lowest in Scotland, where on average 49% of disabled people are in work, compared to 81.6% of our non-disabled peers.

Barriers such as inaccessible buildings, transport and information can make this harder.

GDA’s specialist employment adviser offers:

One-to-one coaching

Group Training

Support for Employers

We support employers large and small who wish to employ, retain and promote more disabled people. We can provide anything from an informal chat to bespoke training and consultancy on a sliding scale, including:

Employability Support

For more information about our employability supports, contact [email protected] or call 0141 556 7103