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An illustration of 6 different disabled people, holding purple banners which read 'Rights Now!'

Rights Now! Welfare Rights advice and support

Disabled people are three times more likely to live in poverty, and the UK benefits system has become more complicated, making it harder for disabled people to access their Welfare Rights.

As well as campaigning [link to historical news story] against the DWP’s welfare reforms, and advising the Scottish Government on a fairer Social Security system [link to policy> social security], in 2018 Glasgow City Council helped us establish Rights Now! – our own, accessible Welfare Rights service.

For many disabled people, having expert advice and support can make all the difference to successfully claiming your welfare rights or challenging an unfair decision.

To remove barriers, GDA’s Rights Now team offer:

  • an appointments system at our accessible office
  • transport, personal assistance and communication support
  • home visits where required

We also promote uptake of benefits entitlements, through all our outreach, peer support and community engagement.

“With help to challenge the benefits decisions – I now get higher rate PIP and an extra £64 per week Severe Disability Premium! it makes such a difference!”

Rights Now! leaflet


Read all about our “Rights Now!” welfare rights project and find out how we can help you. If you need information, advice or support about a disability benefit issue contact the GDA office on 0141 556 7103 or you can email

Rights Now Project Impact Report

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