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Linda Algie

Finance Manager

Headshot of Linda Algie who has long dark hair and wears a pink top.

Linda is an accomplished Finance Manager with over 40 years’ experience, beginning her career in schools finance and then moving into the third sector in a range of projects at senior management levels: from a Recycling Project in Castlemilk to being a Manager of a Community Resource Centre with 17 staff.  Linda was the founding Finance Manager at GDA and has been balancing the books for all of this time alongside other roles over the years. She has played various key roles at GDA starting the organisation along with Tressa Burke CEO in 2006 and rolling our GDA’s first learning programmes. Then, as more staff, projects and funding have been added, Linda eventually moved back to focusing all of her efforts on finance management.

Linda’s experience and skills have been essential in supporting GDA to be both financially responsible and financially accountable. Her outstanding efforts and astute skills have ensured that GDA has kept accurate financial records and has been able to plan budgets which outline clear commitments for delivery and also to manage cash flow – not always an easy endeavour with the challenges of grant funding! Moreover, she works tirelessly alongside the CEO to ensure that there is robust reporting to the GDA Board. This in turn enables effective governance and decision-making, including the Board having a good understanding of risks and planning mitigations.

Since working part time, Linda decided attended Glasgow University – undertaking the Bachelor of Arts Community Development Honours Degree.  She completed her degree with distinction and graduated in 2022.

Linda is a mother of 3 and a grandmother of 7 and loves holidaying in Las Vegas.