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Angela Mullen


headshot of Angela Mullen who has shoulder length hair and wears a purple top.

Angela is a founding Board member and current Convenor of GDA. She has been working in the field of disability equality and independent living for more than 30 years. She previously worked in social work and third sector organisations, promoting equality, rights and the participation of disabled people in society with the support they need to do this.

Angela says “As a disabled person I am passionate about organisations controlled and led by disabled people.  Right now, inequalities are magnified to a great extent and are deepening the human crisis facing disabled people- for e.g. social care is in crisis, even for basic supports to disabled people. It is critical that disabled people are heard and that our priorities are acted on and this is best supported by our own organisations- our DPOs.”

Angela has extensive knowledge, skills and experience both professionally in her own role and in relation to other Board roles which have fed into her Governance role at GDA. She is heavily involved in working alongside the CEO and other Board members to provide strategic direction for GDA and ensuring that GDA operates to achieve its charitable objects and funded outcomes on time and within budget. This includes leading the Board to be compliant across a range of areas including Charity law, employment law, health and safety, GDPR and equality laws. Angela also embeds shared responsibility for decision making amongst Board colleagues in relation to financial management and risk management.

Angela was previously a Board member of Self Directed Support Scotland and has recently retired from her job as Support Services Manager at Glasgow Centre for Inclusive Living where she managed 3 support teams in Glasgow, East Dunbartonshire and South Lanarkshire to support people with information and advice about Self Directed Support.

In her spare time Angela enjoys socialising, reading, spending time with family and has recently became a grandparent for the first time to a now thriving toddler who she is delighted to spend time with!