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We can’t achieve our Vision all by ourselves!

Our partners and allies are crucial to our work for equality, and a better future for Glasgow and disabled people.

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We work closely with our partners and allies to:

Develop Policy

Our vision is a world where disabled people can participate on a full and equal basis in all aspects of our lives, communities and wider society.

GDA supports disabled people to share experiences with partner organisations and work together to tackle barriers. By bringing lived experience together with policy makers, we can plan accessible policy solutions, based on a better understanding of barriers.

Create Opportunities

Disabled people have valuable skills, talents and contributions to make.

GDA supports disabled people to build confidence, become active participants and make increased contributions.

We work with partners to create accessible opportunities for disabled people’s voices to be heard and, as importantly, for accessible services and opportunities to be developed and delivered. By working together we can shape services which improve people’s lives.

Remove Barriers

Disabled people know best what works, what doesn’t and what needs to change.

Contact us to find out how we can help your organisation identify barriers and make all our resources go further to improve disabled people’s lives.

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