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COVID-19: We have adapted what we do and how we work during the current pandemic. Read more about GDA’s COVID-response

an illustration of three people in a yellow boat, on choppy waves with the words 'isolation, inequality, lockdown, covid19, Shielding. The boat is being pulled ashore via an anchor, with two people smiling labelled 'grasroots members'. They stand on solid ground marked ' Community of interest'. In the sky, the words 'Pulling disabled people back from the brink'. One of the boat's passengers says 'this anchor an dlifeline can help hold us steady'.

Our Disabled People-Led COVID Response

From 16th March 2020, GDA suspended all planned programmes due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The staff team switched to home working, and immediately began reaching out to our 5000+ disabled members to listen and offer support, through phone calls, postal mails outs and online. We were extremely lucky that our funders allowed us to redirect resources and employ a fantastic team of temporary workers to help us make over 8000 phone calls, send out 20,000 mail shots, and collect 2,100 in-depth responses to our COVID-resilience survey.

Our well developed infrastructure as a community of identity allowed us to connect with over 5000 disabled people between March and July, and the time and lived experience contributed by our members enabled us to adapt our services, rapidly develop new ones to fill gaps and meet emerging needs during the crisis.

  • We adapted our Rights Now Welfare Rights project, Future Visions support and Learning programme, to be delivered remotely online and by phone.
  • We quickly set up a new Lifeline service, delivering food and essentials to disabled people unable to access other supports.
  • Our check-in calls developed into a specialist Wellbeing service, with 2 Wellbeing workers supporting hundreds of disabled people to cope and feel heard, and develop strategies to boost their health and wellbeing during these challenging times.
  • GDA became one of Connecting Scotland’s first pilot communities, helping develop an accessible approach to tackling Digital Exclusion when disabled people most needed it. GDA Connects has sourced, set up and distributed over 200 devices to disabled people, alongside dedicated coaching to help participants get online.


Watch our animation to hear how we’ve been supporting each other during the COVID-19 pandemic


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Supercharged: A Human Catastrophe – Inequalities, Participation and Human Rights, before during and beyond COVID19


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