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This response was informed by the lived experience of GDA members, disabled people who have a range of impairments and conditions including those with physical impairments, mobility impairments, people who are neuro-diverse, those who have learning difficulties, disabled people who are blind and deaf or who have visual or hearing impairments, people who experience mental health conditions and distress and people who have experienced head injuries among others. The age ranges were from 17+ – 65.

65 disabled people attended a specific online event, held in April 2023, including members representing the views and experiences of younger disabled people, Black, Asian and minority ethnic disabled people and LGBT disabled people.

This response also draws on GDA’s significant dialogue and intensive engagement and supports with and for disabled people over two decades, most notably over the duration of building Social Security Scotland which GDA has been closely involved with. The Report therefore draws on the lived experience shared by thousands of disabled people and reported to us.

Read the full report here

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