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This report shares evidence from GDA’s recent Mental Health Research Project which also builds on findings from GDA wellbeing check-in calls and survey including failures in statutory services to provide accessible mental health supports.

It calls for holistic services that support disabled people’s physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing.

The Research finds that disabled people are aware of what is needed to support their wellbeing and how they can maintain or improve their mental health but that there is a distinct lack of support from statutory services when a disabled person requires interventions for mental ill health.

The Report calls for action across 5 areas-

  1. Involve and Listen to Disabled People
  2. Eliminate barriers to access
  3. Invest in accessible and holistic wellbeing services
  4. Address gaps in services
  5. Promote and uphold human rights.

Read the full report, Disabled People’s Mental Health Matters.

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