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The National Care Service Bill provides a framework and details the powers needed to legislate for a National Care Service.

The Bill, if successful, will give Scottish Ministers powers to:

And commits to:

The process for a Bill to become Law can be a long one and normally follows the stages as set out below:

Stage One - The Bill is sent to a Parliamentary Committee and Parliament debates the general principles of the Bill. All MSPs then vote to say if the Bill should proceed.Stage Two - The Bill is given more detailed 'line by line' scrutiny by the COmmittee or whole Parliament. Any MSP can propose a change or 'amendment' to the Bill at this stage.
Stage Three - Whole Parliament neets to debate and make any changes ot the Bill, then meets again to debate if the Bill will be passed.From Bill to Act - After a four-week period with no legal challenges, the Bill is given to the Queen for Royal Assent and is officially passed as an Act of Parliament in Law.

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