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You may be able to get a payment to help with the cost of living if you are getting certain benefits or tax credits.

You do not need to apply – you will be paid automatically.

Those getting the following benefits will get the cost of living payment:

There is also a Disability Cost of Living Payment of £150 that will be paid in September for those who are getting certain benefits including PIP, DLA for adults or children, Attendance Allowance, Child or Adult Disability Payment. 

There is also a Pensioner Cost of Living Payment.

For more information on who is entitled to the Cost of Living Payment and for details of the amounts you will receive and when payments will be made please look at the website –

If you have any questions or worries about your welfare benefits remember that GDA’s Rights Now welfare rights officers can offer advice, information and representation.  Contact [email protected] or call 0141 556 7103.

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