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The benefits system is changing – download our PIP update leaflet to find out more.

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Important information about Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

You can get PIP even if you do not have someone to help you.

PIP is for you. It is not for your parent or carer.

PIP replaces Disability Living Allowance and is a benefit for:


About the help you may need or the difficulties you may have.

You may be able to get PIP even if you can do tasks some of the time or if you need an aid or appliance to do them. Different people may struggle for different reasons. For example someone may be able to wash or go to the toilet but need a rail to hold on to due to a mobility issue.

Someone else may need to be prompted to carry out a task due to depression. Someone may be able to cook, but require a perching stool as an aid. Someone else may be forgetful and require supervision while cooking.

For mobility, the distance you can walk will be looked at, along with difficulties finding your way around due to physical difficulties, mental impairment or learning difficulties.

If your disability or health condition means you find it difficult to do some or all of these tasks, or if you need help with any of these activities, you may be able to get PIP – contact Rights Now for advice!


Our Rights Now advisers will give you more information and advice on whether you should apply.

Our Rights Now advisers can help you understand and complete the PIP application form.

An award of PIP may mean that some of the other benefits you receive are increased.


PIP is not based on the condition that you have or the medication that you take. It is based on:

standard or within a reasonable time.


PIP is not “means tested” – this means any income or savings you have will not affect your claim for PIP.


What will happen after you apply for PIP.

You will be contacted by a health care professional to be assessed. They may want to assess you on the phone or see you in person. The person who makes the decision will look at your form and the assessment from the health care professional. They will then make a decision about your claim.

If you are not successful, our Rights Now advisers can help you challenge the decision. They can also represent you if your case goes to a tribunal.


If you are getting Disability Living Allowance (DLA) at the moment.

Some people are still getting DLA and have not been assessed for PIP. Some people choose to wait until the DWP reassess them, others ask for this to be done sooner. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, depending on your health condition. We would strongly advise anyone on DLA to speak to one of our Rights Now advisers before asking DWP to reassess them for PIP.


If you are approaching state pension age.

You should apply for PIP before you reach the state pension age.

If you wait, you may only be able to apply for Attendance Allowance if you make a new claim as a pensioner. Attendance Allowance does not have a mobility element so you would miss out on this important payment.


The Rights Now team can also advise on child DLA for children, and Attendance Allowance for those who have reached pension age.

Rights Now service users have said:

“Thanks so much for everything. I would have really struggled without your help and advice. So happy I got my PIP awarded.”

“Thank you so much for speaking to me today about my PIP mandatory reconsideration and possible future tribunal, it is a great relief to know you are there if I need you.”


For more advice and information on PIP and to discuss your possible entitlement to this benefit, contact our Rights Now team on 0800 432 0422 or email: [email protected]


Download the leaflet below:


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