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March 13th, 2020

To help protect the health of everyone who works or comes to GDA events, disabled people of all ages included, we are stepping up our existing protocols in the way we operate.

Due to Coronavirus, we are postponing the following events:

·        Our transitions event next Wednesday (18 March 2020) for disabled parents and carers

·        What matters to you? on 8 April 2020

·        Local area events in North West Glasgow on 20 March 2020

·        Local area event in South Glasgow 31 March 2020

·        Local area event in North East Glasgow 24 March 2020

We will, however, continue to operate our learning programme – but have taken health and safety advice and will limit events to 30 people or less.

We are going beyond the advice given by Government and NHS. This is due to the vulnerability of many of our members and staff.  Many disabled people are socially isolated, live in poverty or indeed, do not receive the correct level of social care or support that they require. We will continue to do all we can to support them through this difficult time.

Our protocols will be made available to everyone attending events and we will ask people to wash their hands on arrival. Our PAs will wear gloves at all times. We have taken a variety of measures to ensure that our office and meeting rooms are safe spaces for members and have significantly increased our hygiene measures.

This is a fluid situation and one that GDA is continually reassessing, taking advice from NHS inform, Scottish Government, and our health and safety advisers. We are committed to making sure that our members remain as safe and well as possible while still receiving support.

Tressa Burke, CEO

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