Welfare Rights Now!


With help to challenge the benefits decisions - I now get higher rate PIP and an extra £64 per week Severe Disability Premium! it makes such a difference!

Do you claim disability benefits?

  • ESA
  • PIP
  • DLA
  • Attendance Allowance?

You may be entitled to disability premiums to help meet the extra costs of being disabled.

But when Universal Credit rolls out, these premiums will be scrapped!

Get help to claim them NOW before it's too late!

What you need to know:

Universal Credit is now here in Glasgow.

Everyone claiming ESA, JSA, Housing Benefit, Tax Credits and Income Support will be gradually moved onto Universal Credit by 2023, by the DWP.

Find out if you can claim Disability Premiums and get help to apply!

Contact GDA for help to make sure you are getting everything you are entitled to. 

If you are a disabled adult living in Glasgow, we can help with

  • claiming PIP
  • appeals and challenging DWP decisions
  • Information and advice - checking your benefits are right for you 
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Contact us for help claiming disability benefits! 0141 556 7103