Report a Hate Incident or Hate Crime

Report Hate Crime

Have you experienced harassment or abuse based on a hateful attitude, or prejudice?

A Hate Crime or Hate Incident is any offence that is motivated by prejudice or Hate towards someone because of:

  • - disability
  • - race or ethnicity
  • - religion or belief
  • - sexual orientation
  • - transgender identity

Hate Offences can take many forms, such as verbal abuse, intimidation, mocking, robbery, vandalism or grafitti, abusive phone calls or messages online, right up to physical assault or murder.

At GDA we know that far too many disabled people face targeted harassment and abuse, and sadly many people think this is something they have to put up with.

Don't Stay Silent! 

Reporting these incidents, however small they seem, helps Police to tackle Hate Crime and prejudice in our community. 

It helps send a message that we don't have to put up with hate and harassment. 

And it can help you feel heard, supported and feel safe again.

Police Scotland take Hate Crime very seriously - but we know that many people, for a range of reasons, might not want to speak to Police directly, on their own. 

That's why GDA is a 'Third Party' reporting centre. You can contact GDA to report any harassment, hate crime or hate incident you have experienced or witnessed. We can help you make a report to the police, or we can make a report on your behalf. 

If you or someone else is in immediate danger, contact the police or emergency services directly.

If you want to talk about a Hate Incident, Hate Crime or Harassment you have experienced or witnessed, you can contact GDA.

You can also report an incident online here, or by clicking the button on the right. 

"We didn't know we were being bullied - we thought that was just real life."

"Talking about it, reporting it to someone who understands - I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off me."

- GDA Purple Poncho Players on Hate Crime and reporting it. 

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