GDA Lifeline

June 11th, 2020

Supporting disabled people with free delivery of shopping, supplies and medication

“Thank you to you and your team Laura, for the generous food drop…. It was such a kind thing for GDA to do, and helped us out so much - it was a lifeline.” A food pack recipient.

The GDA Lifeline support service is delivering essential shopping, groceries and medication directly to the doors of disabled people, those with long term conditions and older people across Glasgow who are falling through the support nets. GDA's support is free of charge. The active delivery team wear masks and gloves to keep them, and those they are delivering to, safe and are all using their own cars to avoid public transport and reduce risk. 

We know from our interim member wellbeing checks and survey results that many disabled people have been unable to get out to do their shopping and many are struggling to access local support services, particularly if they were following advice to shield themselves or were in the high risk category. Of disabled people we spoke to, 76% were not aware of any of these local support services or were unable to access them. 

"I haven't been officially informed that I am in the shielding group but feel that I am high risk because of my different health problems. I was really struggling to get my medication and my pharmacy couldn't deliver so it was such a relief that GDA were able to step in and help out. They also gave me groceries, toiletries and cleaning products which I desperately needed" 

A disabled person receiving Lifeline support. 

Since GDA began delivering food to members, from Lockdown to start of June, we have supplied vital food and provisions to 378 individuals. This has ensured that disabled people are supported and have access to food and their essential medication and that they are able to focus on their wellbeing since those basic needs are being met. Access to food is a human right and while it is alarming that disabled people's rights have been further eroded by Covid-19, it has been a privilege for GDA to join other community organisations and partners meeting needs of Glasgow's citizens at this time. GDA has made sure that disabled people are not left behind and our Lifeline Response is one part of our holistic supports being delivered to disabled people to improve health and wellbeing during lockdown and into the future.

We are grateful for the support of Cllr Layden, Convenor for Equalities and Human Rights at Glasgow City Council who joined us last week to help out with deliveries, hear the challenges being faced by disabled people during lockdown and to thank us for the support we provide. 

 “Can’t thank you enough, so kind and really helped us out here.” A Lifeline recipient

If you or someone you know are not able to get food shopping, or if you are going out when you should really be staying safe at home, please contact our new Freephone helpline: 0800 432 0422 for help or email:

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