Scottish Disabled People’s Organisations call for immediate action

May 20th, 2020

Stop the Second Coronavirus Act proposed Amendment 49 (Schedule 4)

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The amendment effectively removes public scrutiny and compliance measures that exist to ensure businesses uphold Equality duties in their use of public space, leaving disabled people’s rights dependent on the discretion of business owners and, in reality, their staff and customers.

While we understand the need to balance economic recovery and public health, Scotland’s recovery must leave no-one behind: Equalities duties and the involvement of equalities groups must pave the road to recovery every step of the way. At a time when disabled people’s inequalities have been supercharged by many aspects of this pandemic, the removal of this public compliance mechanism for the period of recovery will undoubtedly compound additional risks and barriers disabled people face in navigating public space and therefor disadvantage them further in the task of rebuilding their lives post-covid. 

For further information, please read the full briefing.

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