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Budgeting for Equality Film launch at #PBFest!

October 25th, 2018

'We want to participate in the big, mainstream decisions that affect our lives'. GDA members share learning from their Participatory Budgeting Action Research project

Do I feel listened to? They don't even listen to me in the corner shop. They talk to my carer and ignore me. I don't have a voice in my local community.

GDA members' action research will be showcased in national 'PB Fest' - two days of events and discussions about Participatory Budgeting in Scotland. 

Launching our latest film, GDA members raise awareness of the barriers they face to participating and having their voices heard - and what disabled people would prioritise if they had more say over public spending.

The film and discussions share learning from our Action Research project, and the next step is action!  We know what the barriers are, so now what can we do to tackle them, and make sure disabled people's voices are heard in decisions about our local areas, and about the big mainstream services that affect us?

How can we seize Participatory Budgeting as an opportunity to advance Equality - and genuine empowerment - meaningful participation by all our diverse citizens in the big decisions and issues affecting our communities, our city and our country?

Watch our film and let us know what you think!

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