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Have Your Say on Scotland's New Social Security Bill (Watch! BSL film)

August 1st, 2017

One step closer to a Fairer Social Security System? Tell the Government what you think!

100s of GDA members have helped to advise the Scottish government over the past 2 years how best to use our new Social Security Powers to build a fairer system in Scotland - one that is founded on dignity and respect.

A new Social Security Bill is now going before Parliament, and the government want disabled people to be involved every step of the way. 

On 22nd August Social Security minister Jeane Freeman will be back at GDA to talk to members about the Bill and hear what disabled people think about it.

 - come along and have your say

- watch our members' short film to hear the advice we've given to the Government so far

What we Need for a Fairer Social Security system

GDA members' experiences of Social Security - our advice for the Scottish Government.

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