Join GDA in tackling "Human Catastrophe" in Glasgow.

October 11th, 2017

UN report shows Disabled people's rights eroded to level of "Human Catastrophe" - what does this means for us in Glasgow?

To overturn the ‘Human Catastrophe’ of austerity, investing in disabled people and working with us is more crucial than ever. 

GDA and our 4000 members breathed a huge sigh of relief last month as the Scottish Government, Big Lottery and Glasgow City Council agreed to save us from extinction, with 3 more years of funding.

As the UN condemns the ‘Human Catastrophe’ of UK austerity, now more than ever disabled people need to support each other to speak out for our human rights; to join together and work for change. This vital investment from our funders shows how crucial disabled people are to building solutions to the problems Scotland faces today.

Disabled people’s talents, expertise and contributions are a vastly under-used resource: indeed the UN praised the Scottish Government for recognising these talents and involving us in creating a fairer Social Security system and Delivery Plan for a ‘Fairer Scotland for Disabled People’. More than 500 GDA members have advised Minister Jeane Freeman on our new Social Security system so far; and over 1000 GDA members have fed into the first 100+ days of Glasgow’s new Administration, through GDA’s Manifesto asks, and a brimming response to the new community plan. 

Underpinning all the UN recommendations is the principle that, to tackle the poverty, isolation and inequality disabled people face, solutions can only be found by working together involving disabled people and our expertise, through our organisations.

Disabled people are an asset too often shut out by inaccessible environments and low expectations. By funding GDA’s programmes of free, accessible learning and development, the Big Lottery, Scottish Government and Glasgow City Council are helping us dismantle those barriers one at a time: and in their place to build up the confidence, connections and contributions of 4000+ disabled Glaswegians.

For wider lasting change, for the rights we aspire to make real, we need creative solutions, honest dialogue, and for all parties to be empowered to do things differently. The UN’s Concluding Observations challenge all of us to go further, working together, and settle for nothing less than our full and equal human rights. Whether it’s tackling Hate Crime, poverty or unemployment, or planning solutions to the Care Crisis we face, the next 3 years are our opportunity to harness the strengths of even more new GDA members, to support each other, transform our lives and improve society. 

Read GDA’s briefing on what the UN findings mean for us in Glasgow.

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