Participatory Budgeting Champions!

Local Authorities across Scotland are pledging 1% of their budgets to be decided on directly by communities. We are working with Glasgow City Government and the Scottish Government to ensure disabled people are not left behind!

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What is Participatory Budgeting? 

Participatory budgeting means communities and citizens having a say over how public money is spent. With participation and collective voice at the heart of GDA, we've been working to make sure disabled people are not left behind! 

Local Authorities across Scotland are striving to ensure at least 1% of their budgets are decided on directly by citizens - through a range of 'Community Choices' projects. 

Budgeting for Equality

GDA was funded by the Scottish Government to explore how disabled people can play a full and equal role in Participatory Budgeting in Scotland - GDA members become Action researchers - through surveys, discussions and focus groups they concluded that disabled people want to participate and have their say but a cycle of exclusion holds us back: a whole range of barriers stops us taking part, and these barriers won't be tackled until our voices are heard! 

Our action research showed that disabled people face many barriers to taking part in their local areas - and a lot of these barriers are city-wide issues, like transport, housing, income and work, or social care - big issues that need joined up solutions with disabled people's voices being heard at the highest levels of decision making. 

To find out more about the barriers faced and how you can help, read our 'Budgeting for Equality' report here, or watch our film!

Leaving No-one Behind

In 2018 we became Glasgow City Council's first Equalities PB Pilot - supporting disabled people in each of the Council's 4 pilot areas to come together, identify their priorities and speak out about their ideas for improving disabled people's lives in their area. GDA members in Canal Ward were successful in applying for money to run two fun informative events to boost disabled people's confidence connections and contributions in the area.In Pollok a group of young GDA members won a bid for £10,000 of capital money to improve accessibility in the ward - Stay tuned to find out what they do next! 

Read more here - and watch our PB Sequel! 

We also connected disabled people across the city to opportunities to influence mainstream decisions - like City Deal planning, transport developments, Health and Social Care services. We are working hard to keep strengthening these partnerships to demonstrate that disabled people's expertise is vital for improving services, improving lives, and making best use of all our resources. 

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