Black and Minority Ethnic Disabled People's network

An empowering space for GDA members from ethnic minority backgrounds to come together, support each other and speak out.

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GDA recognise that many of the barriers disabled people face can be compounded by racism and other forms of oppression. Services and supports can easily exclude or discriminate if they are not designed around the needs and voices of diverse disabled people. 

GDA members from ethnic minority backgrounds have come together to support one another, and contribute their lived experience and expertise, to help ensure all disabled people can access their rights and have their voices heard.

The group was established in April 2019 with several goals in mind. Together, we have taken the opportunity to:

  • create a safe and positive space for people with shared or similar experiences
  • celebrate minority ethnic identities
  • develop a supportive network of empowered BAME disabled people
  • explore the challenges faced by BAME disabled people
  • reduce social isolation and increase social connections for BAME disabled people

The group meets regularly to learn new skills, try different activities, explore Glasgow and have fun. So far, our sessions have included local history, relaxation, screen-printing, participatory budgeting, accessible exercises and laughter yoga. As with all GDA events, lunch, taxis, personal support and interpreters are provided by GDA as required.

Want to join us? If you are a disabled person or have a long-term condition and are from a minority ethnic background, please get in touch with Hannah by messaging 07990 363763, calling 0141 556 7103 or emailing