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Participatory Budgeting: a model for involvement

Date: Tuesday 25th June 2019

Time: 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Location: Glasgow

This free event is for anyone interested in how community empowerment and participatory budgeting can help tackle inequality in Glasgow - and how disabled Glaswegians are speaking out to help improve our city.

Come and join the discussions, as GDA members share learning from our Budgeting for Equality phase 2 pilot project!

Come and find out how:

  • GDA supports disabled people to have their say in decisions about their local areas, and have their voices heard in mainstream services across Glasgow.
  • Disabled people are joining together, through GDA, to support each other as an empowered community of interest
  • GDA’s model of involvement can pave the way for Second Generation Participatory Budgeting in Glasgow: a tool for empowering citizens to participate in building solutions to the issues they face, in their local areas and in wider mainstream services and decisions across the city of Glasgow.

The event will include:

  • ‘How to! - Equality in practice’: GDA members share top tips for removing barriers so disabled people can empower ourselves and be heard

  • Launch and Premier of GDA's latest film showcasing our members’ work and achievements helping shape Participatory Budgeting in Glasgow

  • Keynote address from the Minister for Older People and Equalities, Christina McKelvie MSP and Cllr Jen Layden, City Convener for Equalities and Human Rights for Glasgow City Council

  • Latest performance from our drama group, the Purple Poncho Players (PPPs)

  • Lunch

GDA is committed to supporting disabled people to build the confidence and connections they need, to make their vital contributions - to have their voices heard and work together with our partners and allies.

Progress towards equality and a fairer Glasgow cannot happen without the invaluable support and engagement we receive from partners and allies like yourself, across the community, third and public sector. We warmly invite you to join the conversation, to hear from disabled members of your community, and share ideas for how we can work together, to challenge inequality, remove barriers, and build a fairer Glasgow and Scotland for all. 

Praise for GDA's PPP Drama Group

Amazing...Fab event with the wonderful Purple Ponchos. I genuinely was blown away by the performance. I get annoyed when some arguing about welfare system take a sort of 'poor souls' approach and the sketches took that on brilliantly.” MSP

The performance was amazing. We don’t often see disabled people in such a powerful position. The atmosphere was electric and GDA is a shining example of empowerment in action” Glasgow Councillor

Praise for GDA's Community Development Approaches

"Recent research by What Works Scotland points to the need for much more to be done to promote the needs of communities of interest and identity and highlights the benefits of using the “craft” of skilled practitioners: GDA is for sure well placed to carry out this work, due to having a deep understanding of how to reduce barriers and a track record of accessible tools and techniques which increase participation and improve life outcomes for GDA disabled members." Arrivo Consultancy, 2018

To register for the event, please either call GDA on 0141 556 7103 or register using this link:

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