What We Do

We are GDA

GDA members explain who we are and what we do

Build Confidence

With the right support, disabled people can achieve anything. GDA programmes of learning are fun, free and fully accessible.

From aromatherapy to i-pads, from fishing to First Aid - our taster days and longer courses offer something for everyone. Whatever your age or interests - have a go, try something new!

GDA Programmes support you to build confidence, set goals, and feel more in control of your life, helping you get where you want to be. We provide transport and personal assistance for those who need it, to remove barriers so you can tap into the talents, goals and passions you never knew you had!

Create Connections

Through GDA learning and events, our members connect to: 

- a diverse community of disabled people

- a network of peer support - sharing experiences with others in the same boat and identifying barriers, solutions and plans for the future

- information, activities and support services to help you take control of your life

- new opportunities and crucial support to have your say, set new goals, and fulfil your potential

Enable Contributions

Disabled people have valuable skills and talents, which are too often locked away behind barriers. Inaccessible buildings, negative attitudes, low expectations, and a lack of crucial support can all stop us making our vital contributions to our lives and communities. GDA supports disabled people to participate and make our valuable contributions to our families, communities, and society.

We are all experts in our own lives. GDA makes sure disabled people's voices and expertise are at the heart of tackling the barriers we face, and working with partner agencies to plan solutions.

Independent Living 

Our vision is built on the lived experiences of our members,  on the UN Convention on the rights of Persons with disabilities - particularly article 19, the right to Independent Living.

  1. A decent income
  2. Accessible housing
  3. Personal assistance
  4. Accessible information
  5. Communication support
  6. Advocacy and working towards self advocacy
  7. Technical aids, equipment and technology
  8.  Inclusive education and lifelong learning
  9.  Equal opportunities for employment and training for work
  10. Accessible and inclusive healthcare provision
  11. Peer support including from disabled people and their organisations
  12. Full access to our environment
  13. Fully accessible and affordable transport
  14. Full social, civic and judicial participation
  15. Legal Rights and legal advice

Our vision is a world where disabled people in Glasgow, Scotland and beyond can participate on a full and equal basis in all aspects of our lives, communities, and society - with the support they need and choices equal to other citizens.

Young Disabled People talk about what GDA means to them: