Building Connections: GDA Social Capital Report Summary

This Summary gives an overview of the findings of Assist Social Capital - for a copy of the full Report, please contact GDA.

Key Findings

By supporting disabled people as assets in and of themselves, building on skills, talents and strengths, GDA programmes connect disabled people:

  • to each other through peer support and learning (bonding social capital)

  • to other disabled people and wider communities (bridging social capital)

  • to resources, information, services and opportunities as well as to more powerful decision makers through partnerships and coproduction which shape policies and services (linking social capital)

Using asset based approaches, GDA delivers:

  • Increased connectivity - 420% amongst those surveyed in GDA’s Drivers for Change (DfC) and Purple Poncho Players (PPP) programmes.

  • Increased confidence, capacity and resilience to respond to the disadvantages disabled people face.

  • A high level of trust based on shared values and identity, ownership and control over how GDA is run, and on knowing access needs will be understood and met.

  • Increased participation of disabled people has led to a grassroots surge in social capital with a focus on enabling resilience and contributions.

  • A strong, articulate, cohesive and more resilient community of interest has been co-created as a result of investment in social connections.

  • Vital assets to local and national policy priorities in the form of both individual disabled people and GDA itself.