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Budgeting for Equality

Action research report by disabled people exploring: how can disabled people play a full and meaningful role in participatory budgeting in Scotland?

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Future Visions Briefing Note

Read our handy briefing for an overview of the findings from GDA's Future Visions Project. Accessible formats also available.

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Future Visions Summary Report

Read our summary report findings from GDA's Future Visions Project here. Accessible formats also available.

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Empowerment in Action

Another 12 months of GDA courses, coaching, peer support, partnerships - and 529 new members! Read our annual review for a whirlwind overview of GDA's amazing progress 2016-17.


Fairer Glasgow for Disabled People

Disabled people's rights eroded to level of "Human Catasrophe" says UN. Read more to find out what we can do about this in Glasgow.

General Leaflet

GDA General Leaflet

GDA is run by and for disabled people. We have thousands of members across Glasgow. We are free to join, run free learning and events and offer free transport for everything we do.

Esa Response

'Cut the Barriers, not our Benefits!'

"Any increase in conditionality, increasing the risk of sanctions, will be counter-productive to the Green Paper's stated aim of halving the disability employment gap".

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GDA Manifesto 2017

Disabled Glaswegians face higher poverty and unemployment, exclusion, isolation, Hate Crime and discrimination. Here are 5 actions our Glasgow City Councillors can take to end this crisis, and work with us to make Glasgow a world-leading Accessible City.